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Welcome to the online Student Registration for pharmacy undergraduates at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo*.

If you are a Pharmacy Technician student, please click here to register.

Liability Insurance

Personal professional liability insurance is required for all registered Students in Ontario. Before proceeding, please answer the following declaration:

I hereby declare that I have personal professional liability insurance coverage and that I will continue to maintain this insurance as prescribed in Article 2 of College By-Law throughout my registration.

You have answered "No" to the personal professional liability insurance declaration. Without personal professional liability insurance, you are unable to proceed with registration as a Student at this time.
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Thank you.
*If you are an undergraduate of a school other than the University of Toronto or University of Waterloo and wish to register as a Student, please complete the paper-based Pre-Registration Form and Application for Certificate of Registration, and submit them along with proof of identity, a Declaration of Good Character, a letter sent directly from your school confirming your enrollment and current year of study, and the application fees.